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Chakra Wisdom Gemstone Corresponding Energies
Compiled by Carolyn White PhD
Agate (fire) – Influences entire endocrine system and memory
Amber – Solar Plexus Chakra; removes emotional and physical pain; soothing, healing, peaceful, and calming
Amazonite – Aligns Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras
Amethyst – Crown Chakra; enhances spiritual awareness and encourage inner vision; protective gem that absorbs and transforms negativity; draws energy within for self-healing and illumination; calms; relaxes physical body; emits purifying energy; restores harmony and balance; gives compassion, more understanding
Aventurine – Heart Chakra; cleanses etheric, emotional, and mental bodies; helps ally anxiety and fear; promotes positive attitude for life; promotes Thymus gland health; opens both Heart and Throat Chakras
Azurite – Heart Chakra; balances liver and thymus gland
Carnelian – Sacral Chakra; encourages contact with nature spirits; aids access to memories of other lifetimes; helps us to dream great dreams; heals spleen; draws warmth to you
Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra; balances Solar Plexus Chakra; cultivates clarity, warmth, and sense of self; solar energy; assists in digestive imbalances; helps alleviate pain; aids digestions by relaxing organs; frees breath through diaphragm; helps asthma; relieves tension headaches; wear around neck for self-confidence and courage; dispels negativity; cleanses and regenerates your energy field
Clear Quartz – Universal Energy; can be used with any chakra to amplify and balance energy; gives energy to entire aura; attracts all seven rainbow colours to physical body; attracts life force energy to disharmonious areas; balances emotional extremes; aligns 3rdEye and Solar Plexus Chakras
Garnet – Root Chakra; aids tissue healing and regeneration; assists in transitions and life changes; speeds any physical healing and manifesting; brings comfort for physical loss; helps to appreciate the physical; creates rapid energy, heat, and warmth; works with heart, blood circulations; very grounding; use with survival issues; stimulates and promotes vitality
Hematite – Sacral Chakra; activates Sacral Chakra; assists all blood disorders relating to iron; elevates low self-esteem
Herkimer Diamond – 3rd Eye Chakra; enhances dreams; cuts through blockages, finds toxins; creates very intense and high frequency
Jasper – Root Chakra Encourages abundance and helps heal fears of or wounds from poverty and deprivation; assists in power and empowerment; as water element, promotes sensitivity and sense of direction; subtly and gently  balances body’s energies
Lapis – 3rd Eye Chakra; power stone, heals the mental deeply within the mind; enhances communication; enhances hypnosis when placed over 3rd Eye
Malachite – 3rd Eye Chakra; Grounds and dissolves negative energies; helps inner vision; opens Chakras; circulates more energy; enhances mental clarity
Obsidian – Root Chakra; Grounding; awareness of life cycles of birth/death/rebirth; stamina and natural wisdom
Peridot – Heart Chakra; opens, cleanses and activates the Heart Chakra; counters the effects of negative emotions; relieves depression; connects with higher self; attracts wealth and financial success; aligns subtle energies
Rainbow Fluorite – Connects the intuition of the 3rd Eye Chakra and awareness of self ofSolar Plexus Chakra; counters depression and disillusionment; breaks up unwanted energies & seeds for positive intentions
Rainbow Moonstone – Sacral and Crown Chakra; assists in transitions; helps to move from retributive to redemptive karma; brings peace and harmony; aligns energy in vertebrae; harmonizes abdomen, pancreas, and pituitary
Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra; Used with most Chakras to transform and integrate energy; heart energy of unconditional love; self-nurturing; connects with guardian angels; soothes and opens heart; eases trauma of past sorrow; balances emotions of four upper Chakras; initiates self-love, healing, and compassion; creates peaceful, calming feeling; relieves stress and disharmony; balances Throat Chakra
Ruby – same properties as Garnet for Root Chakra; Master Gem; can be used on Heart Chakra
Smokey Quartz – Throat Chakra; draws energy to physical; protects against negative vibrations and depression; good for healers
Sodalite – 3rd Eye Chakra; Throat Chakra; heals breaches in communications; unites logical and spiritual; assists in logic, rationality, efficiency, and making decisions; stimulates thought; heals breaches in communication; truth in communication; balances left and right brain activity; assists in cleaning lymphatic system; balances thyroid gland
Tiger’s Eye Agate – Sacral Chakra; quiets nerves; aids sleep; helps muscle cramps and asthma; centers energy; cleanses adrenals
Topaz – Solar Plexus Chakra; more energetic than citrine; absorbs negative vibrations; relaxes Pineal and Pituitary glands
Tourmaline (black) – Balances Root Chakra
Tourmaline (blue) –  Balances Throat Chakra
Tourmaline (cat’s eye) – Balances 3rd Eye Chakra
Tourmaline (Watermelon) – Heart Chakra; assists in compassion and transformation; tolerance and flexibility; promotes inner honesty and insight; maintains the flexibility to keep the heart chakra healthy; aids in the deeper understanding of spiritual surrender; relaxing and balancing; absorbs and radiates love; queen of gemstones; very calming; both piezoelectric and thermoelectric; opens Crown Chakra; aligns all bodies and Chakras
Turquoise/Turquoise Magnesite – Throat Chakra; facilitates communications with all that is natural; aids in communication with nature spirits and higher self; Master Healer of all Chakras; Strengthens entire body; re-aligns all Chakras; protects against environmental pollutants; calms, steadies; provides peace and harmony
Zircon – Balances 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras; balances pineal and pituitary glands
Copper – great conductor of electricity; balances body’s polarities; element = water; Heart Chakra; connects physical and astral bodies; aligns a gem stone’s individual energy field; amplifies and transmits though and healing energy; combats fatigue, lethargy, restlessness; helps in acceptance of self; strengthens pineal and pituitary glands; aligns first through 5th (Root through Throat) Chakras
Brass – an alloy of Copper & Zinc; similar properties as copper
Gold – Activates and balances energy; opens and activates 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra; balances Heart Chakra; clears negativity; activates positive energies of minerals and gemstones; solar energy; symbolizes wealth and happiness; Master Healer
Silver – Mirrors soul; strengthens connection between physical and astral bodies; balances intuitive and psychic energies; calming; reflective; moon energy
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