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How does this work?

We are all beings of Light, having an Earthly experience.

Light is one expression of Energy.

Scientists use measurements such as voltage and current when describing energy.  According to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, energy- prana or chi -flows through our body in energy conduits referred to as meridians. Meridians move energy in circuits throughout the body from Chakra point to Chakra point, delivering chi.

All of the body’s energy circuits traverse the hand – just think, about 30% of your brain’s cerebral cortex is dedicated to process information flowing through a part that represents only about 2% of the human body!  There are many acupressure points on the hand that correspond to various energy systems, physical parts of the body and the seven major chakras.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners feel for the meridian pulses at the base of your wrist, which provides the practitioner with the current status of your body’s health.   Just like feeling for the pulse at your wrist, the Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging System’s bio-sensor measures the flow of electromagnetic current and micro-voltages flowing through your body.

Using the readings from your hand on the bio-sensor, the system measures, processes, and correlates this energy, providing a representation of our energy centers.

If the energy through our meridians is flowing without blockages, then the chakras appear round and uniform in shape and bright in color. The auric field also appears bright and integrated.

However, if there are energy blockages, then the chakras will vary in shape, size, and color, with perhaps uneven colors in the auric field.

Knowing where we have energy blockages empowers us to be proactive in correcting and maintaining our spiritual, mental, and physical health. We are being of energy, as discussed in our “background” article.

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