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What do the Colors of Your Aura Mean?

Every color has a different Vibrational Frequency and is associated with various chakras or energy centers in your body. Your Aura Photo Colors reflect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of your being at the time aura image is captured.

The Colors of your Aura are neither good nor bad. No color is superior or more spiritual than another. Every color has an energy signature with a unique representation relating to you, the individual.  Bright, vibrant, and integrated colors signify harmony while dark or unbalanced colors may indicate stress, fatigue, or emotional challenges.


Remember:  When you look at your Aura Photo and Chakra Image, it is a reflection of you body.  Your physical left side is on the right side of the photo.

Left Side (Female-Yin-Future)

The color(s) on the left side represent the frequencies that you are attracting into your energy field. These colors indicate your present condition and future potential.  As well, this could be energy that you are not expressing or are subconsciously suppressing.

Head-Center (Thoughts-Beliefs-Experience)

The color(s) surrounding your head mirror what you are currently experiencing. These colors show your present state of mind, reflecting what you think or believe at this moment.

Right Side (Male-Yang-Expression)

The color(s) on the right side traditionally express the qualities most likely seen or felt by others around you i.e. what you are putting out to the world.

Center (Base Aura Color)

The color appearing in the center of your body is your dominant Aura Color.  This color, which generally does not change as fast as the outside colors, determines your core personality color.


DEEP-RED: Physical body, vital, grounded, hardworking, intense, survival, realistic, physically active, strength, stamina.

RED: Excitement, physical, energetic, competitive, leader, winner, achiever, active, courage, will power, sexual.

LIGHT RED: Practicality, energy, and vitally.

MAGENTA: Unique, visionary, artistic, and spiritual.

PINK: Love, sensitivity, and tenderness.

ORANGE: Productive, creative, positive, action oriented, physical-creative expression, adventurer, and business acumen.

ORANGE-YELLOW: Analytical, intellectual, detail oriented, logical, scientific, honest, perfectionist, precise.

YELLOW: Optimistic, creative, intelligent, playful, sunny, fun, learner, light, focus, charming, generous, and easy going.

GOLD: Knowledge, wisdom and abundance.

YELLOW–GREEN: Generous, communicative, creative with Heart.

GREEN: Social, teacher, love of nature, balance, harmony, teacher, loves to communicate and share with others.

TURQUOISE: Therapist, healer, sensitive and communicative.

BLUE: Peaceful, caring, loving, helpful, loyal, compassionate, sensitive,    desire to be of service and nurturing to others.

INDIGO: Clarity, intuitive, calm, deep inner feelings, love, seeker, introverted, authenticity, sense of inner values, artistic.

VIOLET: Intuitive, artistic, idealistic, magical, sensual, theorist, futuristic, visionary, charismatic, and innovative inventor.

LAVENDER: Imaginative, mystical, daydreamer, fantasy, artistic, soft, creative, fragile, sensitive, spacey or unrealistic, etheric.

WHITE : Transcendent, transformative, healing, quiet, enlightened, sensitive,higher dimensions, strong spiritual connection

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