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Unconditional Love: Evolution to Ascension

What is unconditional love? To understand this concept, let us define “conditional,” with is the antithesis of unconditional.

Conditional imposes a set of qualifications on the subject. If you are to meet the conditions, then x,y,z need to be in place. Conditions limit the choices and, as such, the potential of possibilities. Oftentimes, these qualifications are based on previous performance or future expectations. For example, if you apply for employment, your hiring may be conditional on having 5 years of experience related to this job (previous performance) plus meet specific goals and objectives over the next three months (future expectations) in order to be hired and maintain the job.

So often we predicate the measure of our emotions and affections on conditions. Have you ever said or thought any of the following:

  • “If you get your act together, I will love you.”

  • “Since you said these awful things to me, I don’t love you anymore.”

  • “I can’t accept who you are unless you agree with me!”

  • “Because you sided with her in the argument, I can’t be your friend anymore!”

  • “I messed up, so I’m not worthy of your love.”

In that moment, when you are setting “conditions,” you are judging, either based on past performance or future expectations. Judging implies an ego-call where you hold up your yard stick up and make judgments based on this yardstick. Essentially, you place your conditions on yours or another’s behavior. You have “judged” that you are either greater than or less than the other.

OK – some individual’s behaviors is less than stellar. How do you rise above making judgements and maintain your values? Perhaps the best question to ask in any situation is, “Does this person/person’s behavior serve my highest good now? Does this benefit my personal growth and ascension as a being of life and light?”

Developing discernment is a first step in evolving away from “conditional love.” Discernment helps you evolve beyond the ego trap of pronouncing you are better/less than the other. We are all on a purposeful spirit-Earth-walk. Each one of us has our own inner light to follow and lessons to learn. When you realize you need to honor your path, and not let the “judgment” of others in relation to yourself hinder your progress, then you are on the path to unconditional love.

Essentially, unconditional love requires your presence in the present. It does not matter what you or the other have or haven’t done — or what you will do for me/or me for you. Here and now. Unconditional love means I am here for you now—I didn’t bring my ego’s yardstick.

Unconditional love is about Namaste —the Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you. You and I are different and we share the divine spark of life. I honor and respect your model of the world. You and I are perfect.

Unconditional love is about life choices —it transcends religions, politics, governments —it’s about living life as a prayer, respecting the sanctity of all living creatures. Unconditional love is about doing and being there for anyone without expectation of reward. In essence, you are connecting with God/spirit/light/source in that moment. You are humble, serving for the highest good of you and those around you. You achieved a balance of physical and spiritual—a connectedness with Source—and radiating this energy in your Earth-walk.

Unconditional love is a miracle. Unconditional love is the path to ascension.

OK, now we have defined what unconditional love is, how do we attain it? Is it a transitory state, entering our lives at a whim? Can it be cultivated so we may have continual access to this miraculous state? Stay tuned . . .


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