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Chakra and Crystal/Gemstone Correspondences - Part one

Here is an updated chart from my book, Color Me Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise - Transform Your Life with Color and Crystals.

In this book, I explore ways to employ color and crystals to clear, energize, and balance your chakras.

Part One of this post presents the chart with the correspondences for each chakra. The stones presented are examples of commonly available ones.

Your first task is to select one stone from each column for that chakra to create a chakra set. As mentioned in my book and on the chart, if you are assembling a first-time chakra balancing set, it's best to choose all the stones from one "family."

Part two will show how, using the Laws of Correspondence, how you can use your aura/chakra photo and respective crystals to create your person grid for alignment of the chakras.

Chakra Gemstone/Crystals Correspondence Guide

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