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Check In With Your Chakras – Part One

I receive questions from my website readers about the human energy system – the Chakras. This week, I found the following message in my inbox:

Hi there, I’d like to know if you do hypnosis to help the solar plexus as i have many problems in that area; affecting my stomach and having a 2 year chronic headache – please let me know if you can help.”

How many of you have felt that a specific energy, i.e. one Chakra, was responsible for what ails you?

I responded with the following suggestions and offered the “Check In with Your Chakras” exercise.

First, have you consulted with your health care practitioner about your headaches? Chronic headaches can manifest from many factors – from unresolved stress to physical problems. Find a holistic health practitioner who can go over your health history.

Second, what leads you to conclude that the solar plexus is the source of your health issues?

The human energy system is a complex and interdependent system – sometimes challenges in one area arise from either blockages or excess of energy in another area. For example, the energy of the Solar Plexus, your sense of self – worth, isn’t being communicated through the Throat Chakra. Perhaps Root Chakra issues challenge you, such as a feeling of not belonging or instability of home/work that could lead to not expressing your personal power.

The Solar Plexus is all about relationship with your self – i.e. owning your personal power. I like to think of all the Chakras working together as a team. Each team member (Chakra) has a position to play. Each one needs to function at its optimum performance level for the team to be successful. If one member isn’t on their game, the other teammates have to pick up the slack. In this circumstance, the other mates are challenged to play their position as well as cover for their mate. In doing so, the teammates might make errors in judgment. They may over compensate or burn out.

To an observer, the team’s misfiring’s may seem to emanate from every other player except the member that originally was off his/her game. It can be this way with your Chakras – you may think one of the “players” is problematic yet your challenges may arise from the original player that was off their game.

Are all of your seven major Chakras functioning as a “team?” Is each team member functioning at his or her optimal performance level? On a regular basis, you need to check in with all seven of your Chakras.

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