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Do crystals help to activate and balance my Chakras?

It depends on a number of factors.

This is a question I’m frequently asked and one that we explore in my class ~ Aura and Chakra Imaging – 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint. As one of our class activities, the participants play with a variety of crystals while they watch their energy field and Chakras shift.

Over time, we’ve witnessed a gamut of responses. Sometimes, crystals have little or no impact on the person’s energy field and Chakras. Sometimes, a crystal acts as a mild “tonic” for the Chakras. What may produce results for one person does nothing for another.

Occasionally, a crystal introduced into an individual’s energy field will have a dramatic impact, as this video excerpt from one class session demonstrates:

The great spiritual expansion of the Heart Chakra you just witnessed resulted when a 12 sided, double pointed Vogel crystal was held in the right hand of my student. The intense blue color indicates that a lot of heart energy is pouring forth, expressing a deep spiritual healing.

After a point in time, this energy became so intense that I removed the Vogel crystal from the student’s hand, partially to prevent an overload of the aura and chakra imaging system. Yes, the person was ready for a replenishment of their spirit. In this case, the Vogel crystal was probably the tipping point for the catharsis. It was very a profound and healing experience for my student – to know how to activate the heart energy, to become aware of this energy, and to go forth in the world, radiating love and compassion.

Now, I have introduced this same Vogel crystal into other’s energy fields and have observed very little reaction in the field to a nice, consistent balancing of all the Chakras. I have seen the same person using the same crystal on two different occasions with two different results.

Why the inconsistencies?

We are all unique individuals and our Chakras and human energy field (HEF) are dynamic and constantly changing. Crystals act as a reminder for our Chakras to stay in balance (visit the page on Chakra Wisdom Gemstones for more information on crystals). When you pay attention to your body, mind, and spirit, you will know if crystal energies would benefit your overall energy balance. You may need to have a crystal or combination of crystals in your energy field for several minutes, hours, or days.

To quote from Abraham (Hicks): “It usually takes about 30 days to change a habit. Not because you need 30 days. You could do it in 68 seconds if you could once you did it hold your vibration there, but you have to consciously make that decision.”

Crystals help us hold a desired vibration as well as act as a reminder for our conscious decisions. Becoming aware of what you need to balance your Chakras develops your inner wisdom.

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