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Evidence of Unseen Energy – Part 2

Is a specific energy signature programmable? Crystals and gemstones have energy signatures corresponding to certain areas of the body and the chakras. For example, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, lapis with the throat chakra.

Todd Rohlsson creates Living Light Alchemy Design discs, each infused with a precise energy signature. He asked Gerry & I to experiment with the Pure White Light disc, one of his Light Energy Designs, which is “unfiltered spiritual energy from the higher realms of pure consciousness. It activates dream time.”

After reading the disc’s full description, I decided Gerry was a better candidate for this energy, as he rarely remembers dreaming. (Me, I’ve always had a rich dream life, and have several dream worlds I regularly visit. What, not everyone can read and do math in their dreams? Doesn’t everyone dream in color?)

Gerry “Before”

Prior to introducing this Pure White Light disc, we took Gerry’s “before” aura and chakra photo. In this photo, Gerry is relaxed although the levels, or volume, of his chakras are low to medium. His aura size circle is at 50%. Noteworthy are the shapes of each chakra, which indicates he currently has an imbalance in the flow of his energy.

Then, I asked Gerry to hold, with his right hand, the disc over his heart/sternum. For those practicing applied kinesiology (AK), this is the area where a testing subject holds a product to determine if it is “good for them.” The heart chakra corresponds to the thymus, the immune system and, of course, the heart, which circulates your life blood. If you are testing the AK energetic effect of any item on your body’s energy field (crystals, food, supplements, etc.), I highly recommend placing it on the sternum, as we did with Gerry.

Gerry “After”

After about a minute with this disc held on his sternum, notice the difference in Gerry’s chakras. All the levels are significantly higher, plus the chakra shapes are approaching round, indicating a better energy flow. The overall look of this aura is also more cohesive. He is attracting more indigo blue into his energy field and integrating it, as evidenced by this blue encircling his aura. His aura size circle is now at 70%, with a slight increase in relaxation.

Witnessing a positive energy change in Gerry’s aura after introducing this Pure White Disc, the next step involved introducing this disc into Gerry’s sleep time. Todd suggested placing this disc in a pillow case and sleeping on it, which Gerry did.

The first night, Gerry reported every time he closed his eyes, he started dreaming. This first evening was filled with dream images. Although he didn’t remember any specific dream themes, he did remember having dreams, something that was very rare for him. Every night since, Gerry has remembered dreaming. He has only remembered one specific dream involving Michael Jackson. Now, Gerry’s next step is remembering his dreams. The Pure White Disc did deliver on its energetic promise of activating dream time.

Next, my adventures with combining the Solar Higher Self disc and crystals . . .

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