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Evidence of Unseen Energy Part 3

During aura and chakra imaging sessions, I’m often asked, “What influence do crystals/gemstones have on my aura/energy field (or do they have any impact at all)?”

As discussed in my book, Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise: Transform Your Life with Colors and Crystals, crystals possess electromagnetic properties. The human body is like a liquid crystal. Each cell and organ has its own balanced electromagnetic field. All are interconnected and interact. When the cell’s or organ’s field becomes “unbalanced”—the “force” is disturbed—dis-ease manifests. When the balance is restored, healing begins and homeostasis is restored. Essentially, this is the principle of working with crystals to heal, clear and balance the chakras—our Human Energy System.

Crystals grow in their form based on a geometric pattern, which is based on sacred geometry. These patterns create their specific energetic grid, or electromagnetic field. Since the crystal’s field is fixed compared to your “liquid crystal” body, the crystal imposes its grid on your energy pattern. When resonance happens between the crystal and you, your electromagnetic field entrains with the crystal’s. This can have a balancing effect on your energy field, aligning and energizing your body from a cellular to a spiritual level.

Sometimes, your body, in its wisdom, doesn’t entrain with the crystal. Perhaps the crystal has already done its job and is no longer needed. Often, individuals keep using a crystal when they no longer benefit from its influence. When this occurs, having the crystal in your energy field, or aura, can have stressful consequences, as the crystal keeps on broadcasting its fixed message to an unreceptive listener.

Wearing Hematite

I’ve witnessed this phenomenon with the aura and chakra imaging system. Please keep in mind I am focusing solely on the stress indicators in these examples as other issues are involved. In the before example, the lady showed two high stressor factors in the stress/relaxation and state of mind/body graphs. I inquired if she was under a lot of mental stress and received a negative answer.

I noted she was wearing a hematite bracelet, which she wore all the time for “grounding.” I asked her to remove this bracelet so we could look at her aura and chakras without it on. Remarkably, as soon as she repositioned her hand on the sensor, the two stressor graphs indicated a more relaxed and positive state of mind as illustrated in the after photo.

One minute after removing Hematite

What can we learn from this example?

When working with crystals, pay attention to your daily energy. Test to determine if the crystal is still working with you (I go into depth about ways to monitor a crystal’s effectiveness in my book.) You may initially love a crystal and resonate with it and it may be best used in small, periodic doses. Think of your favorite comfort food—eating it once or twice may emotionally satisfy yet would you eat that hot fudge sundae every day?

Remember, suggestions for applying a crystal for a specific use are just that—suggestions. Everyone is wired differently. Use your intuition and “play” with a crystal. Does the crystal “speak” to you? Can you “feel” its energy? Is its color and looks attractive to you? Each crystal/gemstone has its unique energy signature, one you form a partnership with when you introduce it into your energy field.

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