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Is Massage Therapy an Energy Therapy? Does Massage Therapy Improve Your Energy Level?

At one of our recent appearances at a Body, Mind, Spirit fair, we offered to take “before” and “after” Aura Photos and Chakra Images for several energy workers, including one massage therapist.

One of the massage therapist’s clients, a Mr. J, was recovering from soft tissue trauma in his upper body due to a motorcycle accident. In his late 50’s, Mr. J reported significant discomfort and pain during his “before” aura photo and chakra image session.

Here is Mr. J’s Chakra level bar graph for the “before” session, which we have permission to post:

The overall look and energy output of the aura is determined by chakra activity. So, the energy levels of each chakra, combined, provide a good indicator of our overall energetic (& physical) health. In this “before” Chakra graph, we see the energy quite depleted in both the root and crown Chakras (I refer to this as a “burning the candle at both ends” energy signature). As well, the sacral and throat Chakras display a low energy level.

After a half hour session with the massage therapist, Mr. J returned for his “after” aura photo and chakra image. Besides stating that he felt better, it was apparent that the massage therapy session significantly improved the energy levels of each Chakra.

We now observe that the root, sacral, throat and crown have tripled in their energy output. The solar plexus and 3rd eye are now operating at 100%!

When our seven major Chakras are operating at peak efficiency, energy easily flows through our meridian system. When our life force energy is flowing to all parts of our body, the body is in a better position to repair and heal itself. In traditional Chinese medicine, a balanced, unobstructed, energy flow through our meridians enables our body to maintain homeostasis.

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