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Message from Matthias

For many years, I have received messages from a spirit calling himself “Matthias.” I have learned that these messages are what many refer to as channelings. Matthias said that he walked with Jesus and has related details of this time in history.

Matthias prompted me to post certain of his messages to me on the internet (“alert a greater group”). I promised him that I would and am now honoring this pledge. This message addresses the 2012 question and Earth changes ahead.

May 14, 2010. This is Matthias, sending messages to Carolyn. The discomfort in her neck is due to this information entering the crown area, hence the tingling, stitchy feeling around that area directly above where the spine holds the skull. This is creating extra pressure on the neck area, exacerbating the neck injury.

There are more people on this blue planet than the accumulated total of our “known” history. We are presumptuous to think that there have only been one spat of humanity here. There have been others and this is not the message today.

Many say that all of these souls have chosen to be here at this time to witness what is called the “end of the Earth” as we know it. People are fascinated with the tug of the sensational, the fighting, the violence. This is part of the human nature due to the suppressed knowledge that humankind has indeed endured many “tragedies” and catastrophes. These are only deemed such when viewed from the 3-D perspective.

Then I digress. This is NOT the true purpose for the many bodies upon planet Earth at this point of the unfoldment. Here is the purpose:

The system of the helios and the planets that you call the solar system at the present, are entering a very rough patch of the cosmos. You have just begun to think of brotherhood and that which is beyond your borders. The ancients, such as the ones called the Maya, are aware that our rock is to the universe as a virus is to your body. The cosmos is like a vast sea, with many currents, debris, and hazards – this solar system is traveling through this vast sea and is about to encounter VERY turbulent weather, to sort of speak.

Now, the Mayan, along with many of the other ancients, knew of the vastness of the universe. Their calendar set forth, like the tide tables, periods when our solar system would be in certain “rough” patches of the universe. Their calendar set forth completion cycles when these times occurred, just like the tide tables are predictions when the water in the oceans rise at a certain level.

By the way, this thing with time is misconstrued. (?- this part came more as images)

So, mother Earth and the rest of the solar system is traversing an area of rough water, to speak, that has the potential for disrupting and transforming life as is currently experienced on the planet. You have seen examples of this “jarring” of the solar system recently – vulnerable area of the planet have experienced violent earth shakings, weather extremes, electromagnetic disruptions. These will continue and become more numerous.

There are two opposing camps discussing the “cause” of these conditions – both are “right” for all the wrong reasons. The Earth, as are the other bodies in this solar system is experiencing “global warming”. So, yes, those that affirm that this is a “natural” phase for the earth are correct. “Climate Change” as it is proffered, cannot be fought, as this is part of a cycle. Fighting this ignores the 7 Hermetic principles.

Yet thinking that one is “right” does not give the excuse to ignore the delicacies of the planet that is home to 3-D life. At this time, there are many stresses being placed on the solar system, of which the earth is an integral part.

Like a ship traversing rough and stormy seas, earth is encountering many stresses on this voyage through this rough patch of the universe. Her rigging is strained and the hull is being subjected to pounding. Would you not do as much as possible to keep your vessel afloat? Would you put additional stress on your means of survival? Mother Gaia needs tender loving care now, not abuse. Each chemical, each drill, each extraneous electrical magnetic radiation has the potential of being a tipping point. This that you call the “green” movement needs to be heeded to preserve the fragile environment for the rough ride ahead. The “greenies”, though, must realize that joining in this who/what caused what battle does not serve the mother only brings more tension. End the blame game. The greenies can serve the mother best by tending to her wounds and preserving her energy. .

Which brings this thought back to the great numbers of population currently on Earth. Humans in the 3-D have the ability to vibrate. Review again those principles that are referred to as the 7 Hermetic principles. The great numbers of humans on the Earth at this time, if tuned into the needed frequency, have the potential for creating an energy “shield” that would reinforce mother Earth’s ability to pass through this rough patch in the cosmos. These great numbers are required for the magnitude of the task at hand. What is needed is the unity of a vibration, of what is called “enlightenment.”

Anytime though when any humans strive to “unify”, there is a predisposition to “control.” Religions and political parties arise from this altruistic desire to improve and uplift. Those participating in this desire forget the true measure of human consciousness, the human heart, and connecting with this unity. When this inner wisdom is ignored, then humans give their power away to leaders that deflect the focus from what is really required. False prophets lead humans away from amplifying the energy of the human heart.

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