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Oh no, my chakras are closed – is it terminal??

Sometimes, I’ve heard energy workers describe a Chakra as being “closed.” Since words paint a picture or tell a story, their meaning is relevant to the eye (or ear) of the beholder. During my work with aura photography and chakra imaging, I’ve encountered individuals who nervously relate, “X told me that my root Chakra is closed! Oh, no, how can I ever get it open again?” To some, “closed” holds a very final connotation, such as “the business closed its doors for good” i.e. “terminated.” I realize that, when an energy worker states that a person’s Chakra(s) are closed, they are attempting to use the verb “to close” in an intransitive state, such as “the door closed.” This implies that the door, (being a door and possessing all of its door-like movements) could be opened again. For the grammatically challenged, though, hearing the word “closed”, regardless of sentence syntax, evokes thoughts and images of termination! “Rest assured,” I comfort my client, while respecting their model of the world, “if any one of your Chakras were truly ‘closed’, you and I would not be sitting here having this conversation. Rather, here’s a more resourceful way to think about your Chakras and their current energy state. Pretend that you have an AM car radio – one that has knobs to dial in the stations. This is referred to as analog tuning. Now, would you agree that, within your current area, there are many radio stations all broadcasting a unique signal? For this analogy, let’s imagine that all stations are broadcasting at the same signal strength. How do you listen to one specific station? Yes, you turn the radio’s knob to the specific number, or frequency, on the radio dial. The FCC has certain rules defining the frequencies used by a station in a given area so that their broadcasts are clear and don’t overlap. (This is called Bandwidth.) Now, what happens when you turn the dial slightly, say up from the station’s number on the dial? Yes, the broadcast starts to get fuzzy – the farther away from the number you turn, the more static in the broadcast! If you turn the dial far enough, you may lose the station’s broadcast all together! You have de-tuned into the station! You can’t hear the station, yet the radio is still on and the radio station is still broadcasting its signal! Your major Chakras are like the numbers on the dial of your radio, only there are seven ‘stations.’ Each Chakra is tuned into a specific ‘bandwidth’ of Universal energy. Each Chakra acts as a receiver (and sender) of the information that is broadcast on a specific range of frequencies; like our local radio stations, Universal energy continually broadcasts all signals, all stations- 24/7. So, when a Chakra is operating at peak efficiency, it is like you have turned your dial to precisely the number on the radio that receives a clear, strong signal from that station. If your chakra is not functioning at its optimum, it is as if you moved the dial, interjecting static into the broadcast message. A Chakra that is barely functioning is like a radio station that is de-tuned. Your Chakra is still there, the universe is still broadcasting on all frequencies. It’s just that you cannot ‘hear’ the message.” “Wow,” exclaims my client, “you mean that I can regulate my energy centers, the Chakras, just by dialing up and tuning into the Universal Energy Broadcast Service?” “Yes,” I smile, “you can dial it up whenever you need.” “Do I have to have seven different car radios?” “If that helps,” says I, “ and you will find, when all seven of your car radios are precisely tuned to each respective Chakra, you will hear a beautiful symphony ~ one that is uniquely yours.”

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