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Transitioning from Sacral->Solar Plexus->Heart

I felt this quote was appropriate today as we are seeing a lot of transitions in our collective lives. We are ascending in the chakra system. Lately it's been a lot about the "me" generation which is really the solar plexus and the seat of the ego.

However there's still a lot of attachment to the tribal, which is the realm of the sacral chakra. This center is the seat of emotions and our relationship with others. So, this is a very basic connection to “the tribe.”

As we ascend through the chakras, we've seen a lot of this "me" - the ego’s expression - which is the lower octave of the solar plexus chakra. Now, as we evolve through the ego of the solar plexus we start learning about discernment. This discernment is really looking at what is the best for you, and all concerned rather than judging something to be lesser or greater than you.

And all this is leading to living the energy of the heart chakra. It's interesting to note that the 1st three chakras- the root, the sacral and the solar plexus- are all involved in our physical manifestation. The heart chakra is a Crucible, a connecting point between the physical and the etheric or the spiritual.

So, we're in the transition stage at this point in our evolution. We must see how we can connect with our hearts and look at the greater good for evolving.

Staying connected to the ways of the solar plexus chakra, and even the sacral chakra in the realm of emotions and tribal connections, will keep us in this 3-dimensional world ad infinitum. Connecting with the heart, connecting with compassion, connecting with love and joy is the bridge to hinger dimensions and consciousness: To connect with the authentic communication of the throat chakra, i.e. we say what comes from our hearts; To connect with the global wisdom of the third eye, i.e. we realize we are interconnected telepathically; And to connect with all that is with the Crown chakra, i.e. we are ware we are all One.


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