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Using EFT to balance the Chakras – follow up to May 11, 2019 article and video

Thank you all for the interest and comments about our article “Balancing the Chakras Using EFT.” We have received several excellent questions about this article and in the interest of expanding your inner wisdom here are the answers!

What specific EFT sequence did Gerry use?

When we first examined Gerry’s aura and chakras with the imaging system, we saw that there was a lot of energy flowing. The initial chakra graphs indicated strength of 80% to 100%. So, he had a good throughput of energy. The varying shape of each chakra indicated that, although there was lots of energy, the flow was not focused or congruent. His power needed to be harnessed so as to put it to good use. A balanced energy flow occurs when the energy flow through the chakras is moving with focus and rhythm.

Since we wanted Gerry’s healthy energy to flow equally through all his chakras, we concentrated on balancing the seven major chakras at the same time.

Gerry used the EFT setup phrase, while tapping on the karate point, “Even though my chakras are not in balance, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

After this initial setup, he tapped on the standard EFT meridian points on the face, collarbone area, underarm, and top of the head while stating, “my chakras are IN BALANCE.” This sequence was intended to balance all of the chakras, i.e. get the energy flowing, at the same time. As demonstrated in the video, this happened quite quickly.

If, when we started out, we saw that the root chakra was low in energy and the overall shape blurred (see Your Chakras/Energy Centers) we would have taken a different approach. The sequence would address issues specific to the root chakra that resonate with the individual (remember, with EFT it is best to let the person chose their own words!).** Understand that there may need to be specific clearing addressed for a specific chakra or all chakras.

Once the Chakras are balanced with EFT, do they stay balanced?

Please understand that the Chakras are a dynamic system, constantly exchanging information between your energy centers and the universe. We all need to train ourselves how to recognize 1) the level and quality of our energy flow; 2) if this energy flow is in “balance”; and 3) what we can do to maintain the equilibrium of our energy centers.

Do you brush and floss your teeth at least once a day to keep them pearly white? If you do, you are being proactive in maintaining the health of your teeth. Neglect your teeth for a day or two, and you may wind up with halitosis. Neglect your teeth for a month, and cavities may develop. Want to keep your Chakras shiny and clean? Maintain your Chakras on a daily basis and you keep your energy field healthy.

Balanced Chakras are healthy Chakras. Remember that the Chakras express the condition of our body’s “electrical system.” A fully energized electrical system equals vibrant health. When equilibrium is achieved, the universal energy, chi/prana, is flowing unimpeded through the meridian system. In essence, balanced Chakras represent homeostasis.

We need to continually monitor our energy system and respond, when required, by doing what is necessary to maintain this flow. Keeping this energy flowing is an ongoing life process, just as brushing your teeth regularly. A daily round of EFT tapping is a great way to keep your Chakras “balanced.”

** addendum to article

Please note that this addendum addresses a specific question regarding clearing and balancing the root chakra and is hypothetical. It does not specifically relate to the look of the aura and chakras in this video.

The root chakra holds the dynamics of several key energetic patterns, including survival, money, health and food issues, as well as grounding and physical stamina. If, from the overall look of the chakras and aura, we determined that the client is experiencing money challenges, I would talk with the client about his/her current money situation, listening to their words about this challenge.

Using his/her words and phrases (and not mine!), I would then lead the client in an EFT session as follows, using an initial setup, releasing and reframing pattern to clear and balance the chakra:

1) Initial Setup: Even though I never have enough money, I deeply and completely accept myself.

2) Releasing (round of tapping the EFT points and saying): “never enough money, always in debt, not paid enough, don’t have enough to live on”, etc.

3) Reframing (round of tapping the EFT points and saying): “I am rich and wealthy in all areas of my life, the Universe is abundant, abundance flows to me easily and effortlessly, I am grounded in my abundance,” etc.

Once we did this work, I would retest again on the Aura photography and Chakra imaging system since I use it in my work. Usually, I suggest that the client perform this specific clearing for at least a week in order to anchor it in their conscious awareness.

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